We will process your real estate transaction efficiently, professionally and with the highest standards of service. Prior to the closing, there is a behind the scenes process that will need to take place before all parties gather at the closing to finalize your transaction.

A brief overview of the title insurance process is as follows:

•  Prior to your closing, searches in the public records are completed. These searches reveal what information and documentation are required to establish clear marketable title for the real estate property you are purchasing.

•  The closing date, time, and location are coordinated with all parties involved.

•  All requirements for the closing are obtained and documents are prepared.

•  At the closing, the financial figures and disbursements are explained and documents executed.

•  Following the closing, the required documents are sent to the county recorder's office for filing in the public records. Any documentation and disbursements are forwarded to the appropriate entities.

At any time during the process, we encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have with any part of the processing of this very important transaction.